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Operations at the District center around our designated purposes. In order to provide services, the District gains revenues from three sources;

  1. From System Development Fees that are assessed to owners/developers to pay for installation of facilities to their property,
  2. From water/sewer/storm drainage charges billed to system users on a monthly basis (current rates listed under Water Systems), and
  3. From property taxes, of which the District currently (2012) levies 33.834 mills.

These resources allow the District to effectively manage, operate and maintain the following quality systems:

  • Street System
  • Storm Drainage System
  • Water System
  • Wastewater System

Recent copies of the District’s Financial Statements can be reviewed under District Info – Budetary Information. Additional financial statements, budgets and rules and regulations can be reviewed at the District’s office.
Castle Pines Metropolitan District welcomes new owners and developers to the area. Please contact us for more information at (303) 688-8330.



Transparency Notice SB09-087 2012

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