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2019 Budget

The District approved the budget for fiscal year 2019 on December 10, 2018. The District is required to approve a balanced budget. The budget for 2019 anticipates $12,001,752 in revenues and $12,472,074 in expenditures.

The District has two operating funds: The General Fund pays for general overhead (personnel, office expenses, public works, landscape, street and storm drainage maintenance expenses and snow removal). The supporting revenues are derived from property taxes. The General Fund represents about 50% of the total budget.
The Enterprise Fund pays the expenses related to providing water treatment and distribution and sanitary sewer collection services to Castle Pines Village. The supporting revenues for the Enterprise Fund are derived from the user fees charged to property owners each month (water and sewer bills). The Enterprise Fund represents about 50% of the total budget.

The District’s total mill levy remains at 33.834 mills for property taxes – the same rate since 2001. Property taxes are assessed, collected and distributed by the Douglas County Assessor.

The 2019 Budget:

  • Retained the same total mill levy (tax rate) since 2001 – 33.834 mills
  • No increase in water rates for 2019
  • The budget includes funding for the design & construction of a 2MG Water Storage Tank.  This tank will provide additional water storage for peak day demands, operation necessities, and flexibility for maintenance.  The District anticipates completion of this project in 2020.
  • Continue to fund all of the services that the District currently provides to The Village Castle Pines – water treatment and distribution, sanitary sewer collection, roadway maintenance, storm drainage maintenance, and contract landscape maintenance services for the Homes Association.

If you would like a copy of the 2019 Budget, please contact Sue Mantz or Jeff Coufal at (303) 688-8330. The 2019 Budget is also an attachment listed below.

The Board certified a property tax mill levy of 33.834 mills (same since 2001). This means that 3.3834% of a property owner’s taxes will be paid to the Metro District to support its operations.
Here’s how it works: market value x 7.20% = assessed value. Assessed value x 33.834 mills = property tax dollars paid to the District – or – $500,000 market value x 7.20% = $36,000 assessed value x 33.834 mills = $1,218 tax dollars to the District.

You can access the link below to the Douglas County Assessor’s website, type in your last name or house number, and find the tax information specific to your property.

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