Water Conservation

Learn how to use water wisely. View the new – Water Smart Video Tips compliments of the Douglas County Water Resource Authority (DCWRA). Metro is a member of the DCWRA which is a regional organization that focuses regional water issues including conservation messaging and projects.

District Implements New Advanced Demand-Side Leak Detection and Irrigation Efficiency Program (ALDIE)

The District has prevented the loss of 5.6 million gallons in 14 months due to the implementation of this new program. 5.6 million gallons is enough water to supply approximately 1000 homes in the Village for one month. The District is committed to using natural and financial resources efficiently and helping its customers do the same.

A homeowner lost 39,000 gallons in one day earlier this year (2013) and without this program this homeowner could have lost 700,000 gallons by the end of the month! This equates to $6,747.00 in usage rates not including sewer rates, fixed costs and the repair bill for damage associated with the leak

Another homeowner lost 174,000 gallons in one week! District staff identified the problem, contacted the homeowner and conducted a complimentary water audit whereby three feet of water was found in the crawl space under the.

basement. A leak was identified and discovered at another house where the furnace broke, the pipes then burst, and there was a considerable amount of damage to the ceiling and walls in the room. Not only is the District helping to prevent leaks, it is helping to reduce property damage associated with leaks

Homeowners have been very pleased with this program. One homeowner said, “I am very impressed with the level of service Metro provides.”

“As a Property Manager, I have found tremendous value in Metro’s new leak detection program. Metro discovered two of my properties using much more water than usual in a span of three months. One property would have been more damaged due to the leaking water if the leak would not have been found by Metro. Both properties ended up using less water than they would have otherwise.” – Angela Elliott, President Teleos Management Group

“I don’t know what I would’ve done without Metro’s help taking care of my leak while I was away.”
– Mrs. Tutchton

Another customer said, “I would not have known about our leak until the bill came and there would have been much more damage to our basement.”

“Thank you for the phone call today and your follow up. I really appreciate you reaching out to me on the increased water usage at the house. Given that the house has been vacant and is on the market, that I live in CA and the recent snowfall in Castle Rock, I was very pleased to hear from you. I was not aware that you monitored water usage and was really happy to learn about these services. I would much prefer to follow up on increased usage than learn about an issue separately at our house.”
–Michelle Marian

“The proactive nature of this program is very helpful and appreciated.”
– Ray Gogel

*The District’s Rebate Program has Changed*

The District evaluated the water conservation programs and decided to revise the rebate program to emulate the successful rebate programs at Denver Water and San Antonio Water System. The new program incorporates the irrigation efficiency principles of the old rebate program however the new rebate program depends on how much water is saved.

For example, if a homeowner would like to increase his/her irrigation efficiency and receive a rebate, he/she would contact the District to review potential irrigation retrofits and upgrades. If the homeowner saves the projected amount of water, then he/she will receive a rebate.

For more information, please call the District at 303-688-8330. Go to www.castlepinesmetro.com/water-conservation/servicesrebates to access rebate application forms.

Customers must meet with the District prior to making irrigation retrofits or upgrades in order to be eligible for the rebate.


The District Partners with the
Castle Pines Garden Club and Plant SelectTM

The Castle Pines Garden Club created the Serenity Garden in 2011 as a demonstration and educational garden for residents of Castle Pines Village to enjoy. The Garden Club is partnering with the District and Plant SelectTM  to provide a beautiful display of plant material that uses less water than the usual suspects sold at big box stores and garden centers while maintaining a high quality appearance. Please visit the Garden Club website for more information, www.cpvgc.org.



Plant SelectTM  is a nonprofit collaboration with Colorado State University, Denver Botanic Gardens, andpartner growers to select plants that will be successful in our climate. However, not all plants selected by Plant SelectTM  have a low-water use requirement or are “water-wise.” Also, not all of the selected plants are on the Castle Pines Village Approved Plant List. Please contact the District at (303) 688-8330, for more information. The following hyperlink has free Xeriscape designs, descriptions and photos of the Plant Select plants, publications, and much more, http://plantselect.org/.

Castle Pines Metro is a member of the Douglas County Water Resource Authority (DCWRA). The DCWRA has twenty-three members, including many water providers and municipalities here in Douglas County.

The primary objective of the Authority is water resource conservation. The DCWRA was awarded a $250,000 grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board to install rotary sprinkler nozzles in 1,000 homes in Douglas County.  Over 900 homes in Douglas County participated in this program. Castle Pines Metro District will post evaluation results when complete later this year.

Like corkscrew light bulbs, there are newly designed sprinkler heads that reduce the amount of water a lawn needs.  Instead of shooting a spray that blows away with the wind or, these new rotary sprinkler nozzles shoot streams of water.  The does a better job of staying in your yard and on your grass.

For more information, please visit http://www.dcwater.org/.

Water Conservation Plan

Dear Castle Pines Village Residents:

The Water Conservation Plan was approved by the Board on October 15, 2009 and approved by the Colorado Water Conservation Board in February 2010.

The plan’s purpose is to provide a workable framework to accomplish three goals: to lower The Castle Pine Village (CPV) peak day water demand by as much as 20%, to reduce irrigation consumption by up to 20%, and to provide a document assuring government and industry partners that CPV is committed to conserve the Denver Basin groundwater currently owned and those renewable surface waters which we may acquire in the future.


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