Water System

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The water provided to Castle Pines originates in non-renewable groundwater in the Denver Basin aquifers underneath land within the District. An aquifer consists of layers of rock, sand or gravel deep under the earth’s surface which store quantities of water. At present, there are seven wells that extract the water from the aquifers and pump it to the 3.5 million gallon per day water treatment plants.

The District’s consultants believe the District has sufficient water rights to serve existing development within the District for over 100 years. The District is also making efforts to ultimately secure a long-term renewable water supply. However, the District Board (like many other water suppliers in Douglas County) believes that until such a supply is available, the uncertain effects of further depleting the Denver Basin aquifers warrants caution in considering requests to serve additional development.

Accordingly, the District’s Board of Directors has established a Water Service Policy, which was adopted by Board resolution in December 1990. The District’s water policy sets conditions for extending water service to new development, and was based on the Board’s findings that a “dependable supply of water is essential,” and that “considerable uncertainty exists as to the dependability of non-tributary groundwater supplies upon which the District relies for water supply.”

Under its policy, so long as long-term renewable water supplies are not available, the District cannot assure water service to additional development unless the District receives additional water supplies / rights for the new development areas at the same time it approves service.

Therefore, the District’s Water Service Policy, which has been applied consistently to all subdivisions in Castle Pines Village since 1990, requires that, in order for the District to commit water service for a new subdivision, the developer must first deed to the District all rights to groundwater associated with the property being subdivided. In addition, the developer must negotiate an acceptable service agreement. These are the two conditions that must be satisfied in order for the District to commit to provide water service under its water policy. This policy is designed to assure that the District will have ample water to supply any newly approved development, without reducing the ability of District water supplies to serve existing development. The District’s Board of Directors believes the Water Service Policy remains prudent, and intends to apply this policy to any and all future service approvals.



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