Water System

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The water provided to Castle Pines Village originates in non-renewable groundwater in the Denver Basin aquifers underneath District land.  An aquifer consists of layers of rock, sand or gravel deep under the earth’s surface which store quantities of water. At present, the District has nine wells that extract the water from the aquifers and pump it to water treatment plants with a capacity of approximately 5 million gallons per day. The drinking water is then stored in two water storage tanks prior to distribution to the community.

The District’s consultants believe the District owns and controls sufficient water rights to serve existing development within the District.  Due to the District’s primary reliance on non-renewable groundwater, the District actively promotes conservation practices and is undertaking efforts to exploit its already owned renewable surface water rights to supplement its gradually diminishing groundwater and aquifer supplies.  The District continues to study and evolve its master water plan to ensure a safe, reliable and sufficient water supply to serve Castle Pines Village into the future.

Accordingly, the District’s Board of Directors has created a Water Service Policy, which sets conditions for extending water service to new developments. Under its policy, to ensure a dependable water supply, the District needs to reduce its long-term dependency on the Denver Basin Aquifer and obtain a cost-effective renewable water supply.  The District cannot guarantee water service to additional developments unless the District receives acceptable water supplies and rights for the new development areas at the time it approves service.




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