Irrigation Schedule

The District was encouraged by the Castle Pines Homes Association’s survey that 87% of the residents who responded agreed with the need to conserve water. You may not be aware that to irrigate your lawn you are using water that has been treated at the water treatment plant to drinking water standards. The District is experiencing summer water use that exceeds our original expectations. The District originally designed the 2.1 million gallon water treatment plant to handle a peak day demand of 1,500 gallons per household during the summer. In the past few years the District experiences peak day demands during the summer months of 3 to 4 million gallons. This equates to a per tap use of 1,747 gallons per day. Another treatment plant was built to handle the larger summer demand. However, with the implementation of intensive conservation programs since 2007 to the present, the District’s peak day demand reduced by 25% in 2012. Please visit the District’s Conservation related webpages or call the District for more information.

We are requesting the residents’ cooperation with a voluntary summer watering schedule to begin on May 1, 2016 and run to October 1, 2016. The District is not asking that you stop watering your landscape, only that you help us spread out the peak day demand by following the irrigation schedule with your sprinkler system and follow a few water conserving tips:


  • If your address ends with an even number, please set your irrigation system to water on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • If your address ends with an odd number, please set your irrigation system to water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
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