Castle Pines Metropolitan District Stormwater Quality Program

Stormwater is the water that flows as a result of rainfall or melting snow and ice. Stormwater does not pass through a treatment plant before it flows into streams and lakes. Because of this, it is important to protect the quality of stormwater by minimizing the amount of pollutants that it picks up between the place it falls and the natural waterways it flows into. The District is, in fact, required to do this by the Clean Water Act.

As part of the Clean Water Act, owners of Municipal Small Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) are required to obtain a permit to discharge stormwater into streams and lakes. Castle Pines Metropolitan District falls under the requirements of this program.

The District’s MS4 Permit requires that we implement certain specific Minimum Control Measures to protect stormwater quality. The programs implemented by the District to meet its goals for protecting stormwater quality include:

Public Education and Outreach





The goal of this program is to make the public aware of the impacts their actions have on stormwater quality and to try to get people to make environmentally friendly choices. The District has joined together with other local districts and governments to sponsor educational programs to inform the public on ways to minimize stormwater pollution. These programs include placing educational messages in local newspapers and television stations, placing educational flyers in utility bill mailings, and maintaining a stormwater quality oriented web site at:

Public Participation/Involvement





We encourage questions and comments from the public regarding our stormwater quality program. If you have a question or comment, please click here:




llicit Discharge Detection and Elimination





An Illicit Discharge is any unauthorized non-stormwater discharge to a stormwater drainage system. Examples would include motor oil, antifreeze, paint, and spilled lawn care products. District Staff receive training annually in recognizing and responding to illicit discharges. We also encourage the public to report any substance going into a storm drain or in a drainageway that doesn’t look like it belongs there. To make a report, please call the District Office at 303-688-8330.

Construction Sites Runoff Control





The District partners with Douglas County Public Works to require contractors working in the District to implement measures to control erosion and prevent sediment from entering storm drainage systems.

Post Construction Stormwater Management





In some areas, settling ponds have been constructed to reduce the concentration of sediment and phosphorous in stormwater before it is discharged to a natural waterway. This is not the same as a treatment plant, but it does help to reduce pollutants in stormwater. These facilities are inspected by the District on a regular basis and maintained as necessary. In addition, the District participates in Douglas County’s program to construct such facilities with all new development.

Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping





The District tries to minimize contamination of stormwater from its own activities by following procedures recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. These include procedures for storage and handling of chemicals, maintenance of equipment, and spill cleanup.


Please see the following video for assistance in disposal of carpet cleaning residual:




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