Customers of Castle Pines Metropolitan District receive wastewater treatment services from the East Plum Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility owned by the Plum Creek Wastewater Authority, and managed by Castle Pines Metropolitan District. Wastewater from residences is conveyed by underground pipes to the wastewater treatment facility located on Highway 85 just south of Happy Canyon Road.

This regional facility currently treats flows from Castle Pines Village, Castle Pines North and the Town of Castle Rock.

The first treatment process in the facility removes large floating material and heavy grit-like material. Wastewater then enters the secondary, activated sludge treatment process. From there the treated wastewater effluent flows into one of two treatment basins. From the treatment basins, the treated secondary effluent wastewater can be pumped to either of the golf courses for use as irrigation water or through another tertiary treatment plant from which treated wastewater effluent may be discharged into East Plum Creek. Effluent quality is consistently well above standards required by the State in our discharge permit.


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