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Road Repair Work Coming This Week

We are in week 12 of the roadway schedule (Sept. 20 – Sept. 24). The roads affected this upcoming week can be seen in the full article.

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Irrigation Efficiency Analysis

The Castle Pines Metropolitan District, in collaboration with the resident water committee have developed a Water Efficiency Plan – Vision 2025 – to chart a path forward that reduces our reliance on Colorado’s non-renewable groundwater. To further this plan, the District has contracted with Irrigation Analysis, LLC, to perform Irrigation Efficiency Analysis for the homes within the Village to support water efficiency.

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Water Efficiency Rebate Program

The Castle Pines Metro District has launched a robust water conservation rebate program for Village residents. This rebate program provides financial incentives to residents to reduce their water consumption. As we enter the warmer months, it will be important for the District to conserve water and help reduce the demand on our water resources.

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April 2021 Newsletter

District News for April 2021

In this issue: Water, Roads and Budgets for 2021. 

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Is Your Contact Info Current?

Please use the Contact Us Form to provide your current contact information so that you will have up to date information about how the Castle Pines Metropolitan District is serving you!

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Budget Approved for 2021

The Castle Pines Metropolitan District (District) approved the budget for the fiscal year 2021 on December 14, 2020. At the December 10, 2020, regular meeting, the Board of Castle Pines Metropolitan District held a public hearing to receive comments on the proposed 2021 budget. The budget anticipates $12,278,307 in revenues and $13,818,877 in expenditures during the January 1 – December 31 fiscal year. The Disctrict has two operating funds in its budget:

The general fund (51% of the budget) – receives the majority of its revenues from the District’s property taxes (33.834 mills) and funds the District’s street repair and maintenance services (including snow removal and sanding), right-of-way landscape
maintenance services (including the contract landscape maintenance services provided to the Homes Association), right-of-way storm drainage maintenance services, and any related capital expenses.

The enterprise fun (49% of the budget) – derives its revenues from the monthly water, sewer, stormwater, and capital improvement fees, as well as a contribution from the general fund. The enterprise fund pays for the District’s water production, treatment and distribution services, water facility repair and maintenance, sanitary sewer collection and maintenance services, stormwater maintenance, and any related capital expenses.

The District’s total mill levy remains at 33.834 mills of property taxes – the same rate since 2001. Property taxes are assessed, collected, and distributed by the Douglas County Assessor. If you have any questions or would like a copy of the budget, please contact Burt Knight or Sue Mantz at 303-688-8330. The budget may also be downloaded using the link below.

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2021 Snow Removal Information

Snow season is here and the Castle Pines Metropolitan District provides snow removal/ice mitigation services in the Village

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